Monday, June 6, 2011


First off I finally posted some of my new photos (mentioned in my previous blog entry) to my art page over at deviantart. I should have some more photos to add soon.

sky lights and sky wires 37 by ~requiem2872 on deviantART

As for the music side of things, I'm still working on the new cd and just finished writing a new segment to the puzzle that will be this release. I'll be performing some of this new stuff at a show in August that will be announced at a later date.

Bryan Lewis Saunders is releasing a 24 part cassette tape collection of musicians performing with and interpreting the recordings he makes of himself talking in his sleep. The project is called "Stream of Unconscious" and he was kind enough to get me involved and I did #24 "The Weaver Box"'s pretty unsettling. This can be ordered here:


My good friend Michael Todd Schneider of MagGotfilms has his store up and running on his website. Available for order is the "Double Dose of Terror" DVD. It's a horror anthology between Michael and Tyler Tharpe as well as a side dose of terror from Max Almeida. Music from me in both Michael and Max's segment. Also for sale is the soundtrack to Michael's film "A Tribute to Sanity" which has some requiem on it. In the future keep an eye out for more films and soundtracks. This is only the beginning. Much more on the way.