Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A lot of good things in the works for REQUIEM in 2012.

Whilst continuing on new material there's other exciting happenings at hand:

In March I will be doing a handful of dates with Mario Diaz de Leon whose new CD is out TODAY. The shows will be announced soon.

My good friend, and filmmaker collaborator Michael Todd Schneider is directing a segment of the horror anthology The Profane Exhibit, an international celebration of extreme horror and the directors involved in that scene. Here's the latest news on this soon to be talked about film. I'll be appearing in the film as well as contributing some sounds.

On top of that, Michael will be finishing up his latest film "Let's Make a Horror Movie" and promoting his last two films "...And Then I Helped" and "Our Devil's Night" all of which contain score work from REQUIEM.

On July 4th Lee Bartow (aka Theologian) of Annihilvs Power Electronix is releasing a 2 CD compilation entitled "America The Grave". I've already submitted my track entitled "Shed His Grace". I'm really happy with it and excited for it to be heard.

All of this, more, and hopefully a new CD. Slow and (not so) steady is my pace right now, but the end result will be worth it.