Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So it seems I jumped the gun and was very ill prepared when deciding to play a show in Toronto.  Apparently getting into Canada with music gear from the US is nearly impossible, especially without a work permit, which I don't have.  I contemplated many different ideas to "foil the system", but decided against them all for the sake of me and my gear.  During my research into the matter, I read some horror stories online about crossing into Canada as a musician.  One person even said that they've toured all over the world and crossed Russian and Israeli borders, and never had more trouble than getting in and out of Canada.  It has something to do with the Canadian musicians union working close with the border crossing.  They don't want outsiders coming in and making money....well, me and plenty of other musicians make absolutely NO money and still want to play anywhere and everywhere possible, in fact we lose money to do it and do often.

So I won't be playing, but I'm still going to be at the "Festival of Fear" premiere of  "...And Then I Helped", a movie I helped score.

Sunday August 29th
2:00 PM
Screening Room 206A